From the recording Too Far From Heaven

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Songwriters: JD Walker / Tony Justice
Produced By: Kent Wells & JD Walker
© 2018 GTR Nashville / Walker Media Group / JD Walker Music
Words N Ryme Publising ASCAP
My Heartland Publishing BMI
©2018 All rights reserved


Summer dress, wild flowers in her hair
We were both 23, didn’t have a care
Young and in love, wild and free
Like the smell of honeysuckle
Drifting in the summer breeze
Light as a feather, and high as a kite
That’s the way you made me feel
When you were by my side
But when you passed away
I came crashing down
Like the leaves in the fall
Straight to the ground

I’m a little Too far From Heaven
When I’m away from you
Just a little Too far From Heaven
And I don’t know what to do
I tried praying. I tried swearing
But they just won’t do
Cause I’m just Too far From Heaven
When I’m away from you

A million stars, a million miles away
They seem close enough to touch
But like you they fade away
In the blink of an eye
With no reason or rhyme
You were taken from me
And God I don’t know why

Repeat Chorus

When I’m away from you