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In his young adult life, JD experienced tragedy, trauma and turmoil. He opens up that private side of his life to share his story. His songwriting has been described as; Genuine and easy to identify with. No doubt that he writes with a raw emotion and an unflinching truth. A listener has no doubt that the subject is real and there's an absolute sincerity that comes out in his delivery.  

He was born and raised in Missouri, he is the youngest of 3 boys. Growing up in a middle class family, his Dad was in the USAF and a Veitnam Vet who worked for TWA, then American Airlines. His Mom was a Nurse and cared for the elderly. Like any American kid he enjoyed the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping and riding dirt bikes on the trails with his Dad and brothers. JD's Grandfather was good friends with Ernest Tubb, Porter Wagoner, and Red Foley. JD's Uncle was also a Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist. His Uncle performed all around the Ozarks, was a regular on the Ozark Jubilee which led to an appearance on the Porter Wagoner show. With the help of Porter and Ernest Tubb he found he eventually found his own spot in Country Music. His Uncle was signed and had a top 20 hit on country radio. He opened up for legendary artist such as Don Williams, Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard.

JD started writing lyrics in High School and with the help of his Uncle he put together his first song after graduating High School. Continuing his writing, he started dreaming of becoming a professional songwriter, making a living with music and one day getting to perform his songs on The Grand Ole Opry. After graduation he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps so he attended Aeronautical School. In his young adult life JD dealt with a lot of trials. Seeing tragedy at a young age; A weekend before July 4th, JD and his childhood best friend were traveling down a gravel country road near his cousins lake cabin, when his best friend was shot and killed. JD heard a couple loud bangs and thought it was fireworks. The truck accelerated rapidly, started to vear off the road. JD yelled at his friend to turn the truck and  no response, he reached over and grabbed the wheel before going off an embankment, he tried to get the truck under control and on the road but they hit a tree head on at nearly 60 mph. The truck truck came to a rest stretched across the road. Through all the broken glass and twisted metal, sparks flying and the smell of gas, JD feared it would ignite. Injured and bleeding, he tried to open the door, but it was stuck, he hit the door, remembered praying to God and the door opened just enough for him to squeeze out. He stumbled his way around to the drivers side, opened the door, tried to wake up his friend, but he was unresponsive. In fear it was going to catch fire, he reached in and pulled him out from behind the wheel of the mangled truck, drug him away and layed him on the ground. He attempted CPR. Unfortunately it was too late, his best friend died on that gravel road in his arms. He had to relive that horrific night for several days when he was called to testify against the man who committed this crime. The man was eventually convicted of 2nd degree murder and was sentenced to 10yrs in prison. 

Several years later, JD met an incredible woman and after a few years of dating they were married. As they started to settle into their new lives together they got some devastating news. She was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. JD stayed by her side and helped her battle but his wife passed away 7 mos later, while he was at her bedside with his parents. Dealing with the loss of her, a short 10 months later he had to face the untimely death of his oldest brother. Being brought up in a Christian home, he says he tried to hold onto his faith, but felt it was shattered, he was hurt, angry, pulled away from everyone and felt buried. He admits he ended up battling some dark times and it took him a few years to find himself, only to finally realize, he wasn't buried but actually planted in order to grow and continue becoming the man God wants him to be. While some might feel sorry for what he's face. He believes that each trial was just a stepping stone to prepare him for the next battle. His faith grew stronger, he and his parents grew closer and they became 2 of his best friends. Music and songwriting and martial arts was his release.    

JD had a lot of influences in music, from Singer/Songwriters to other Recording Artist, those included George Strait, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Chris LeDoux, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Songwriters Tim Nichols, Dean Dillon and the legendary late Kim Williams. 

JD got his start working behind the scenes as security at concerts. He completed formal training and became certified in Celebrity, Executive and Dignitary Protection. He worked as a Professional Handler for some major recording artist. When a couple of artist found out he was also a songwriter they invited him to Nashville and he was introduced to otheres in the business. Once he got a taste of Nashville, being in the recording studio, seeing and hearing one of his songs come to life, he was hooked. In 2005 he thought the time had come to make the move but the best decision was to split his time between Nashville and Missouri. For 3 years he done just that. Working to become a better songwriter and with each stay it became harder for him to leave. He knew where he needed to be and his heart and soul was in the music. In July of 2008 he packed up everything and moved to Nashville to follow his dreams. He has had the opportunity to write with some hit songwriters, even had a couple holds on his songs by a some major artists. JD worked as a line-haul truck driver at FedEx Ground pulling doubles up and down the interstate, which allowed him to follow his dream and when on the road, his Boxer "Tripp" was by his side. 

JD was involved in an accident in Feb. 2016, when the State of IL pushed snow and ice off an over pass going through the windshield of his truck. He suffered an injury to his neck. In April of 2016 he had surgery to repair it which left him on 4 months of vocal rest with the possibility that he wouldn't ever be able to sing again. Thankfully his first EP (Too Far From Heaven) was already recorded. With a lot of prayers his voice made a full recovery.   The EP release was delayed until late 2016, then released in 2018. It was produced by Kent Wells, who is a 2x Grammy Nominated Producer. Wells has worked with Reba, Brooks and Dunn and currently produces Dolly Parton. He is also her lead guitar player and band leader. JD co-wrote 5 of the 6 ongs on the EP including the title track which is recorded in memory of his late wife. 

JD says, "I feel very blessed for all I've been through and all I have". Especially having the loving support of my family who understand what it takes and the sacrifices I have to make to accomplish my goals. He feels God wants to use what he's faced and his music to reach and help others. That's why he made the move to Inspirational/Country. "For me, it's not about money or fame but reaching and touching people. If my story or one of my songs can help others, then it's all worth it. My ultimate dream is to be invited to Perform on The Grand Ole Opry. That's been a dream since I was a young. 

JD closed on his first home in Jan, 2017 in Hendersonville, TN. He had to have 2nd neck surgery in September 2017 and after complications from a blood clot that almost took his life, he was rushed back to surgery to repair it. After a couple days in ICU he started to recover from the neck surgery but it left him with a permanent disability and by Doctors orders he was forced to retire early from driving a truck.

JD had plans to finish his first Inspirational/Country Album but that was put on hold. In February of 2018 he had to deal with the sudden loss of his Dad. While that's been extremely difficult, his Dad  told him he wanted him to continue working on his music, try to tour and tell people your story son. He is currently working on his new album and it will have 8 songs total. Along with Too Far From Heaven from the first EP and the current song "My Last Prayer" which is the title track. There is hopes that it will be going out to Radio Stations in late 2019. They are working on tour dates to do a fall/winter tour be be scheduled through out the South and Southeast. and plans in 2020 to go overseas to the UK, Japan and Canada.